Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Three Bears (Postcard, 1913)

"Dearest Mary,
...This is a picture of four of my kiddies who dramatized the old story of The Three Bears for an entertainment. I wish you might see them. They are darlings. Grandfather talks of going E. this summer and tho I get quite thrilled don;t know if it will happen. I am crazy to see you all again. Do write soon. Heaps of love. Ellen.
St.Paul, Minn.: April 21, 1913."

From -- Prairie Fires and Paper Moons: The American Photographic Postcard: 1900-1920


  1. That is the creepiest pic I have ever seen. Fantastic blog.

  2. many thanks, keith. and very nice place, yourself. i much appreciate yr link/endorsement, too. i shall also add you to my blogroll, quick-sharp.

  3. I love your blog. Grandfather doing 'E'????